Handwritten Embroidery™ Stuffed Animal Gifts


I am so excited about our new Handwritten Embroidery™ Stuffed Animals. These little friends are soft, cuddly and able to be embroidered with YOUR handwriting! What a wonderful gift to give the little one in your life that they will treasure.

Do you have a handwritten note or maybe a card from a loved one that you would like embroidered on Lily Lamb, Bonnie Bonnie or Butterscotch Bear? 

To order, please email with a picture of the handwriting that you would like embroidered along with the information listed below and we are happy to respond.

1. A picture of the handwritten message that you would like embroidered on the stuffed animal's belly

2. Stuffed animal choice (Bonnie Bunny, Lily Lamb or Butterscotch Bear)

3. Thread color 

4. Due Date

Our embroidered stuffy friends are $129.95.

For the best embroidery results, try to keep the message that will be embroidered short and simple. The longer the message, the smaller the embroidery will need to be on the stuffed animal.

The stuffed animals are non-returnable/ non-refundable due to the custom nature of the item. Intricate designs or writing may require an additional set-up fees. We will let you know if this is required.

Please allow up to 3 business days for me to respond to your email. I look forward to hearing from you and can't wait to see your little stuffed animal friend come to life with your message!