Handwriting Embroidered Pillow Case

Made by The Handkerchief Shop

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Handwritten embroidery is one of my favorite things that we do at The Handkerchief Shop. A person's handwriting is recognizable to the ones they love. That is why Handwritten Embroidery™ from The Handkerchief Shop is truly a one-of-kind keepsake that is unique and special. Your handwriting will be embroidered on a 20"x30"pillowcase. We typically embroider the handwriting anywhere from 6" x 8" wide depending on the original writing.

Do you have a handwritten note or card from a loved one that you would like embroidered?

Simply take a picture of the handwriting and upload it to this page. Then select a thread color and let us know in which direction to embroider your message. The pillowcase  in the picture has the handwriting embroidered "straight" along the bottom of the pillowcase.

Do you have a more customized handwritten embroidery request?

We are always happy to help you create a memorable keepsake, please email to start a conversation.


20x30" Classic Hemstitch Pillowcases.

55% Linen 45% Cotton

The fabric is 100% cotton

It is handmade in the U.S.A