Wedding Crests: Made With Your Designs

A Crest, More Than Just a Symbol:

Your wedding crest isn't merely a decorative flourish. It's a visual narrative, a beautiful blend of your individual journeys and shared aspirations. Perhaps it features entwined initials, symbolizing the way your lives merge and blossom together. Maybe it showcases a roaring lion and a soaring dove, representing the strength and tenderness that define your partnership. Whatever the motif, your crest tells a story, and embroidering it on your handkerchiefs elevates it from a symbol to a tangible, cherished heirloom.

Beyond Function, a Canvas for Whispers of Love:

These handkerchiefs transcend mere practicality. They become poignant canvases for whispering love across the years. Imagine your spouse reaching for their monogrammed square during your father's heartfelt toast, finding solace in the shared symbol of your commitment. Picture your children using their embroidered handkerchiefs on your silver anniversary, their fingers tracing the intricate threadwork, a silent connection to the day your family began. These aren't just keepsakes; they are whispered promises, tangible reminders of the love that binds you through life's joys and challenges.

We love making your custom wedding crest or monogram come to life through embroidery on our handkerchiefs! 

If you prefer to contact me about your design before placing an order, pleases send me an email at with a .jpeg or .png file of your design and the following information and I am happy to send you a proposal.

1. On what style of handkerchief would you like to have your design embroidered. Plain white or white with white lace are our most popular styles.

2. In what color thread would you like to see your design or would you like us to color match for you? 

3. Is there a specific place you would like your design embroidered on your item(s) or would you like us to embroider where we traditionally sew on the handkerchief?

4. How many of each handkerchief would you like embroidered? 

5. What is your due date?

We are a boutique embroidery business that specializes in custom pieces so there are no minimums.

Please note that all custom items are non-returnable/ non-refundable. 

Please allow up to 3 business days for me to respond to your proposal request. I look forward to working with you and can't wait to see your designs!