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Mother of the Bride Handkerchief

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Your mom was your first best friend. The two of you laughed, cried, fought, listened, talked, grew and shared so many special memories. Now your wedding day has come and like a lot of mother's of the bride, your mom will be reminiscing about all the fun that the two of you shared together as you grew up. So it is inevitable that a happy tear or two (or a lot) may fall on such a special day. 

Mother of the Bride Handkerchief

Giving the mother of the bride a handkerchief for those happy tears will allow her to blot them and keep them close. So many memories hide in those happy tears. Embroidering a message on her handkerchief makes it even more special and instantly makes it a keepsake that she will treasure forever. I love embroidering messages because embroidery lasts long after pen has faded on paper. You can choose an embroidery thread color that matches your mom's dress, one that represents her favorite color or even more than matches your wedding color palette. 

Creating Your Mom's handkerchief

My mother of the bride handkerchiefs are special to me. I write or choose each wedding message as if I was giving it to my own mom. These are just some lovely examples of the mother of the bride handkerchiefs that you can find at The Handkerchief Shop. What makes the mother of the bride handkerchiefs even more special, is the happy tear poem that can be found on the back of the packaging. My mom wrote this poem for me and I love sharing it with each ladies handkerchief. All of my mother of the bride handkerchiefs are 100% cotton with beautiful lace. You can personalize a message with your name and date or you can select any handkerchief of your choice and fully customize a message of your very own. Enjoy creating a keepsake for your mom!

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Introducing Handwritten Embroidery™

More permanent than paper. More permanent than pen.I feel so happy to be introducing Handwritten Embroidery™ as an option for customization on my handkerchiefs. Every person's handwriting is unique and recognizable to the ones they love. Whether it be a bride or groom's wedding note to his or her spose, the first card that your child [...]

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Need A Thoughtful but Inexpensive Valentine's Day Gift?

This time of year I get lots of orders with little love notes to be embroidered on handkerchiefs for a special Valentine. It is such a lovely way for the person to keep a reminder in their pocket or handbag that they are loved. A simple "I love you", "I Choose You" or "You+Me=Love" are [...]

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Custom Embroidered Handkerchiefs with Your Design

Did you know that you can embroider your custom design or logo on my handkerchiefs? Whether it is a wedding day monogram or business logo, you will love the way it looks on a handkerchief. I work one on one with you to digitize your design, match your thread colors and make sure it looks [...]

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you! It was wonderful to take a break from the everyday routine and enjoy much needed relaxing time with my family. I am grateful for 2018 and look forward with an open heart and mind to 2019. There will be a lot of new offerings this year at The Handkerchief Shop [...]

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Will I Get My Handkerchiefs In Time For Christmas?

Christmas Eve is exactly 2 weeks away! As you work hard to pick the perfect gift, I thought I would put together some simple Holiday FAQs to help you with your handkerchief shipping decisions:Can I still order personalization, monograms or custom embroidery on my handkerchiefs and receive them in time for Christmas? Absolutely! You have [...]

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Monogrammed Handkerchief Gift

Want a gift for your guy that shows you really went the extra mile? A handkerchief embroidered with his monogram or a little message will make him smile each time he tucks it in his pocket. Select a Hank style that he will like and then add a monogram or message that will personalize it [...]

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Feeling Grateful

Thank you for shopping at The Handkerchief Shop. As a small business owner, I appreciate every sale and every person that chooses to shop with me. I feel so fortunate to get to do what I love and work with wonderful people that help me make and embroider the handkerchiefs that you see on TheHandkerchiefShop.com [...]

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Mother of the Bride & Mother of the Groom Handkerchiefs

The woman who laughs with you, cries with you, cheers for you, talks with you, supports you and will be watching you say "I do". Your mom, whether she is the mother of the bride or mother of the groom, is sure to shed a happy, reminiscent tear as you celebrate another milestone in your [...]

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Thinking Of You Week

Do you ever feel disconnected from actual human beings? Like the only interaction that you have some days is a text, tweet or post? This was one of the reasons that Thinking of You Week was created. Thinking of You Week is an International movement to celebrate the benefits of sending and receiving hand-written notes. [...]

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