Handwritten Embroidered Swatch for Dress or Suit

Made by The Handkerchief Shop

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Handwritten embroidery is one of my favorite things that we do at The Handkerchief Shop. A person's handwriting is recognizable to the ones they love. Create a swatch embroidered with handwriting to be sewn into a dress, suit or accessory as a way to keep someone close to your heart. 

We will include a needle and thread for you to tack the label into place should you want to do it yourself. Or a seamstress or tailor will happily sew it into your wedding dress or suit jacket if your prefer. 

The label size varies depending on the length of the handwritten message. Examples of sizes can be 3" - 10" high x 3" - 10" wide. The fabric will not have a finished edge.


Select a thread color and let us know in which direction to embroider your message. Then simply take a picture of the handwriting and upload it to this page. Your handwritten swatch will come packaged in our signature gift box.

Swatch measurement depends on the length of the message.

The fabric is 100% cotton.


Labels are non-returnable/ non-refundable due to the custom nature of the item. Intricate designs may require an additional set-up fee.

Please allow up to 3 business days for me to respond to your quote request. I look forward to working with you!