Handwritten Signature Monogrammed Handkerchief 3pack

Made by The Handkerchief Shop

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Handwritten embroidery is one of my favorite things that we do at The Handkerchief Shop. Handwritten Embroidery™ handkerchief from The Handkerchief Shop is truly a one-of-kind keepsake that is unique and special. Your handwriting will be embroidered on a classic, white handkerchief that is cut from 100% pure white cotton fabric.  

**Please note that this product offering is for embroidering your signature only on the handkerchiefs. Please see our other handwriting embroidery offerings here, including embroidering longer messages.

Simply take a picture of the signature and upload it to this page. Then select a thread color and let us know in which direction to embroider your signature. Your handwritten handkerchief will come packaged in our gift box.

Do you have a more customized handwritten embroidery request?

We are always happy to help you create a memorable keepsake, please email to start a conversation.


This handkerchief measures approximately 15"x15"

The fabric is 100% cotton

It is handmade in the U.S.A