Featured: Country Living Magazine

Posted by Colleen on 12th Sep 2017

I was so happy to have received an email telling me that The Handkerchief Shop was going to be mentioned as a place to purchase personalized handkerchiefs in a piece by Country Living Magazine called … read more

The Intern: Always Carry A Handkerchief

Posted by Colleen on 14th Mar 2016

Everyone that knows me, knows I am usually the last one to see a movie. With two young children, a family-friendly, animated film is the normal go-to entertainment choice in m … read more

Handkerchief Photo Shoot

Posted by Colleen on 29th Feb 2016

I am so happy we get an extra day this month. The first two months of the year have flown by and I cannot believe we are headed right into Spring....and the start of wedding season!! We have  … read more