What Should Be On Your Wedding Day Vanity Tray?

Posted by Colleen on 21st Apr 2015

When my husband and I got married, we opted to have "getting ready" shots of me photographed at my house prior to going to the ceremony. One of the moments that was captured by our photographers was one of me applying lipstick at my vanity. Here is a list of must-have vanity tray items that are useful and may even help calm your wedding day nerves....they will also photograph beautifully! 

1. Happy Hanky Handkerchiefs: Happy tears are an inevitable part of your wedding day. Keep a small stack of Happy Hankies close-by to dry your tears of joy or offer them to your mom and bridal party.

2. Flowers: Most times fresh flower bouquets are the last thing to arrive at the house. Incorporate just a few stems of your favorite flower onto your vanity tray to liven up the space where you are getting ready. 

3. Perfume: Whether you choose to purchase a new scent for your wedding day or go with your old favorite, it should be a scent that you want to remind you of your special day each time you smell it.

4. Candle: Select a scented candle that relaxes you and light it when you get up in the morning. I like lavender but depending on your preference, sandalwood and sage & citrus are also nice relaxing scents.

5. Lipstick: Choose one that makes you feel beautiful!

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