Wedding Crest Embroidered Floral Ribbon: UPLOAD YOUR DESIGN

Made by The Handkerchief Shop

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Personalize your bridal and bridal party flower bouquets with these beautiful, bespoke embroidered ribbons. Custom embroidered with your wedding monogram crest. Please note that very detailed crests are not typically suited for this time of small embroidery. Simple one or two color monograms work best and accent the flowers beautifully. We are happy to discuss with you prior to placing your order should you have any questions or if your florist has any special requests.

Ribbon is white.

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The pictures show approximate placement of embroidered design on items. Design may be simplified when digitizing as embroidery cannot always capture fine details in artwork. Size adjustment is sometimes necessary. Embroidery does not reflect gradients or brushstrokes. Lighter areas of color will be solid color. Colors may vary when digitizing.