Mother & Father of the Bride Handkerchief Set {Love & Walks}

Made by The Handkerchief Shop

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Our men's white handkerchief style and women's dainty white lace style are embroidered with our popular poems for the father and mother of the bride. Poem will be customized with your name, wedding date and thread color of your choosing.

Please note, the poem cannot be altered in any way.

Father of the Bride Message Will Read:


Of all the walks

we've taken together,

this will be my favorite.

Thank you for being at

my side today and always.





Father of the Bride Handkerchief Details:

The HANK is made of 100% premium cotton

It measures approximately 15" x 15"

The HANK handkerchiefs are made in the USA


Mother of the Bride Message Will Read:


I'll love you forever,

I'll like you for always.

As long as I'm living,

Your baby I'll be.





Dainty Details:

This handkerchief measures approximately 12"x12"

The fabric is 100% cotton with lace trim

It is handmade in the U.S.A