Cream Bunnies By The Bay™ Nibble Bunny 12"

Made by The Handkerchief Shop

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Meet Little Cream Nibble: The Bunny Made for BIG Hugs

Introducing Little Cream Nibble, the velvety soft bunny with a heart as big as its floppy ears! This handcrafted cuddle buddy is more than just a toy - it's a gateway to endless adventures and whispered secrets. Ready to be personalized with your wee one's name or initials.

Imagine tiny fingers sinking into the sugar cookie cream fur, tracing the delicate embroidery around Nibble's playful ears. The plush velour lining of its long, floppy ears begs for gentle strokes, offering comfort and security under any blanket fort.

But Nibble isn't just about snuggles! Look at those rosy pink cheeks and the jaunty fluff of its tail, begging for mischievous giggles and playful peek-a-boo games. Nibble's timeless charm transcends generations, becoming a cherished companion for wee ones and adults alike.

Crafted with heirloom quality in mind, Nibble is built to last. Its 100% polyester fur, safe for all ages, promises years of cuddles and whispered dreams. At 12 inches tall, Nibble is the perfect size for little arms to carry and big hearts to adore.

Give the gift of endless hugs and boundless imagination with Little Nibble. This isn't just a stuffed animal, it's a friend for life, a confidante, and a furry reminder that love comes in the softest, cuddliest packages.