Why Is A Wedding Handkerchief Important?

Posted by Colleen on 7th Mar 2018

It is no surprise that a girl that owns The Handkerchief Shop loves wedding handkerchiefs. But really, wedding handkerchiefs are such an enchanting wedding day detail. When embroidered with a message of love or appreciation, they become a sentimental or romantic keepsake. It is a practical accessory to dry happy tears during the bride's and groom's first look, emotional toasts, first dances and moments of reminiscing by the parents and grandparents. After the big day, the wedding handkerchief is tucked away as a remembrance of a happy day.

I am often asked for ideas on the types of things to embroider on wedding handkerchiefs. The short answer is, speak from the heart. Tell the person how they make you feel, how much you appreciate them or how much you love them.

Below I put together examples with links (just click on the picture). Some are poems that you can personalize with your name and date. Others are custom message ideas where you select the handkerchief style that you like and customize your message up to 130 characters with a message that is unique to you and your special person.

Enjoy creating your wedding handkerchiefs. They truly are such a memorable detail.