Why A Personalized Handkerchief Makes A Great Gift

Posted by Colleen on 5th Apr 2018

I love giving personalized gifts! Giving a personalized gift always comes across as being so thoughtful. It truly shows that you thought of the person and the occasion. A personalized handkerchief can be embroidered with a messages of appreciation, love, or humor. It can make the person reminisce or laugh so hard they cry...both are happy tears in which they will need to use your handkerchief by the way! Whether it be for a wedding, a baptism, a retirement or a just because, giving a personalized handkerchief makes a lovely keepsake and will be cherished for years to come. 

 How do I create my own special handkerchief gift:

1. Choose a handkerchief style that you think the recipient will love in the "For Her" or "For Him" category

2.  Decide whether you would like to embroider the handkerchief with a custom monogram or personalized message You can really be creative if you are choosing the personalized message option. Embroider a quote from their favorite movie, an inside joke or something else that will make the recipient smile (up to 130 characters.)

3.  Choose your embroidery thread color. if you are looking for the embroidery to really stand out, then go for a contrasting color. If you like subtle, then go for a white on white.

4. Choose the placement of your monogram or message, either diagonal to the corner or horizontal along the bottom. Diagonal is the most popular.

5. Approve that you have proofread your text

That is it! Your personalized handkerchief will typically take 8-10 days before it leaves The Handkerchief Shop.

Do you need some handkerchief inspiration? Check out these ideas below and have fun creating your own personalized handkerchief gift!