Where Did The Phrase "God Bless You" Come From?

Posted by Colleen on 16th Feb 2015

Ah-Choo!! We are right in the middle of cold season and I find myself saying "God Bless You" a lot throughout the day. But where did the phrase "God Bless You" come from? On this day in 600 A.D., Pope Gregory the Great is said to have coined the phrase "God Bless You" for when someone sneezed. In 541 A.D. a plague began which killed about 5,000 people a day. An early symptom of this plague was sneezing. People would say "God Bless You" in hopes that the disease would be halted in the person that sneezed.  

PS If you can believe it, when I have a cold I do NOT grab for a handkerchief (GASP!) instead I carry around my trusty box of tissues. Honestly, I just think that tissues are more sanitary in this situation.  

{cute tissue box cover found on all-the-very-best.com}