What Is The Meaning Behind Our Butterfly Wedding Handkerchiefs?

Posted by Colleen on 25th Feb 2015

Our Butterfly Journey wedding handkerchiefs are two of my favorite symbolic wedding hankies. For those of you that have been customers of Happy Hanky and The Handkerchief Shop for awhile, you will probably remember I have created several butterfly handkerchiefs throughout the years. I have always admired the beauty of the butterfly and the changes that one goes through in such a short period of time. Butterflies are thought to have many symbolic meanings. Most have to do with life's journey, our soul and our transitions in this world. Butterflies also represent a passionate bond and an endless love. Many brides release butterflies on their wedding day in hopes that they take the good news of the day with them as they fly away. For all of these reasons, butterflies keep popping up on our Happy Hankies. I hope you enjoy these new Butterfly Journey styles in white and cream.

For more information on the symbolic meaning of butterflies, click here. Avia Venefica writes wonderfully about nature's symbolism.