Want to Gift The Perfect Monogrammed Handkerchiefs?

Want to Gift The Perfect Monogrammed Handkerchiefs?

Posted by Colleen on 14th Oct 2020

A monogrammed handkerchief is that little extra special touch that is sophisticated and shows attention to detail. It is also that little bit of luxury that a gentleman may not purchase for himself which makes it a wonderful holiday gift to give. We offer a variety of monogram styles and embroidery thread colors to choose from that will help you create the perfect gift. Sold in trios or individually, you can start or update his collection with a few easy steps at The Handkerchief Shop. See our monogrammed men's handkerchief trios which are sold in neat, pressed little stacks of threee. Or if you prefer to customize your handkerchiefs individually, visit our section for him.

The handkerchiefs are cut from 100% premium cotton fabric and sewn right here in America. I source all of the materials for the items that you see in The Handkerchief Shop and then I am lucky to work with wonderful cutters, sewers and embroiderers to bring you a quality handkerchief that you cannot find in other stores.

We just added six new men's monogrammed handkerchief styles that are sure to delight. Please take a look around The Handkerchief Shop and feel free to reach out should you have any questions. We are happy to help you.

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