Screen Printed Handkerchiefs vs Embroidered Handkerchiefs

Screen Printed Handkerchiefs vs Embroidered Handkerchiefs

Posted by Colleen on 1st Apr 2019

Wanting to give a customized handkerchief as a gift but unsure if you should choose a screen printed handkerchief or an embroidered handkerchief? This is a question that I have answered for customers in the past and thought I would answer here on the blog as well.

A screen printed handkerchief is great if you are looking for a less expensive option to give in large quantities to guests as a favor or to use as a save-the-date. Screen printing can also work well if you are working with a custom logo that has a lot of color gradients or the logo is exceptionally small. If you are gifting a handkerchief for a wedding or special occasion to a loved one as a keepsake, it is worth it to choose embroidery, however, over screen printing. A screen printed handkerchief can crack or peel over time which may not allow it to be passed down as an heirloom. 

Screen Printed Handkerchief

Pros: Inexpensive option in large quantities to use as favors and save-the-dates. May be better if a custom logo has a lot of color gradients or is very small.

Cons: Can crack and peel over time. It has a flat, non textile feel that is usually associated with t-shirts.

An embroidered handkerchief is wonderful if you are looking to give a special personalized gift to a loved one or friend. The look of embroidery is often seen as more sophisticated, professional and substantial. The embroidered handkerchief will also be great to pass down as an heirloom because it lasts longer than a screen printed handkerchief because it will not crack or peel. There is more time that goes into embroidery so this option is a little more expensive than screen printing. 

Embroidered Handkerchief

Pros: Will not crack or peel and can serve as an heirloom. Often viewed as more sophisticated, professional and substantial as the recipient can feel the sewn embroidery.

Cons: A bit more expensive than screen printing. May not be good for exceptionally small custom logos or ones with a lot of color gradients.

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I choose embroidery to use on my handmade handkerchiefs because of its quality and knowing that most of my handkerchiefs are being used as keepsake heirlooms. However, I do also offer screen printed handkerchiefs in large quantities (100 or more). If you need information on screen printing, please email me and I am happy to help.