Right Now

Right Now

Posted by Colleen on 2nd Apr 2020

It is a crazy, unprecedented time right now. I know many of you were wondering if I am still working. Yes, most orders will be shipping in the typical amount of time of 7-10 days. If you have any questions or need help creating your beautiful handkerchiefs, I am here to help.

It has been almost three full weeks since my children's school was shut down and social distancing and quarantining became our new normal because of the Coronavirus pandemic. I have set up a new routine for my family of schooling and working that seems to be successful on most days. 

I like to look for the opportunity and positives in situations, even one like this. My positives: I get to spend more time with my family, a demanding calendar of scheduled events is now wide open and I get to work on projects that have been put off for reasons of "not having time". But we all know too well that this is not a situation full of positives. We have all been affected by the Coronavirus with some families being affected more negatively than others.  My business is part of the wedding and event industry, which has been ravished by cancellations and postponements. It is amazing how one day you are running a successful business and within a short amount of time everything changes. I feel fortunate to have made some decisions in running my business that I will allow me to survive this time but I know that is not true for all my small business friends and my heart absolutely breaks for them. Having a small business is like having a child. You nurture it and watch it grow and feel devastated and disappointed when there are set backs. One cannot truly understand unless you have a small business of your own. Please try to support your favorite small businesses during this time especially. Order take out, buy a gift card, send a gift to someone. Even simply sharing a list of your favorite small businesses on social media or commenting on their posts brings hope to all of us small business owners.

My head keeps taking me to a place of contentment, hope and being positive. I am not one that keeps the news on all day or feels the need to keep checking for news alerts on my phone. I try to keep a high level understanding of the current situation but not go to deep so to cause myself or my children anxiety. And I have to be honest, it has been working for us.

The other day I posted on social about hope and I also shared a limited time product that I created to spread some joy to those couples that were faced with postponing or cancelling their wedding day. Have a read if you would like. If you know a couple and would like to send them this special handkerchief with $6  going to Covenant House, please see the Good Things Come To Those Who Wait handkerchief.

You can see the original Instagram post here.

"  “A young mom at @covenanthouse wiped away her tears as she fed her baby. She lost both of her jobs this week. Beyond the possible health consequences of #COVID19, its economic and social effects are wreaking havoc on our kids’ lives….The jobs we help our young people secure are being taken away, school meals are now inaccessible, and critical supplies are running low nationwide.” – Covenant House

I am a “let it ride” kind of person. I usually do not rush to make a decision (unless necessary of course), I listen for God’s message for me and sometimes no decision is the best decision that I can make at the time. My business is part of the wedding and event industry, which has been ravished by cancellations and postponements as we stay home and social distance to try our best to protect the vulnerable. As I tried to set up a new routine for my family with homeschooling and working, I kept thinking about how I could bring some happiness to couples who have had to postpone or even cancel their weddings. Maybe a fun handkerchief idea? Still did not feel complete so, no decision. Then I went on Instagram Wednesday morning and the first thing that pops up is the post above from Covenant House. I thought about the feeling of hope that must continue for everyone to get through this time and how it is easier for some to feel more or less hope than others depending on their situation, environment or family/community. I have decided to create a special handkerchief to gift brides and grooms who have had to make the disappointing decision to postpone or cancel their weddings. I love receiving things in the mail and I thought this would be a thoughtful gift for the couple that were faced with this difficult decision.

The Dainty White handkerchief is $25 including shipping. $6 from this handkerchief will be going to help Covenant House during the COVID-19 outbreak. Please see the link in my profile to purchase the handkerchief for someone you know that has had to postpone their wedding or special event. You can add a special monogram and choose your thread color.

I took these pictures in front of my house using props that I had on-hand and flowers from the tree in my yard."