Photo Shoot, Selling On Amazon & Upates to the Store

Posted by Colleen on 27th Jul 2015

Hello and hope you had a great weekend! There has been a lot going on at The Handkerchief Shop. We recently wrapped up our photo shoot and I can't wait to start sharing the new handkerchief shots with you. We also started selling select Happy Hanky and Hank styles on Amazon to make it super easy for our customers to shop for stylish handkerchiefs no matter where they do their handkerchief browsing. Lastly, if you shopped on The Handkerchief Shop in the past couple of weeks, you may have noticed some glitches when trying to add embroidery options to your hankies. We are in the middle of updating our embroidery options to bring you more monograms and custom embroidery so there has been a lot of programming and testing going on behind the scenes. But I should be able to share the new changes with you by the end of the week!