New Men's Handkerchief Trio Packs

Posted by Colleen on 20th Oct 2015

You all know that I love introducing new handkerchief styles!! We launched two new men's handkerchief trio packs last week: Arrowhead Trio and Line Design Trio. Both men's handkerchief trio packs are wardrobe must-haves for the stylish gentleman this season. The Arrowhead Trio Pack comes in this winter's wardrobe staples (grey, burgundy and taupe) and the arrowhead design adds style to this men's accessory. The Line Design Trio Pack is sophisticated in shades of navy, medium and light grey. The cross-hatched line design gives these handkerchiefs a modern flair.

Thinking of buying these men's handkerchief trio packs as a holiday gift (umm...Christmas is 66 days away)? Embroider the recipient's initials or a funny message in a contrasting thread color to make them extra unique.