Need a Valentine's Gift Idea for Men?

Posted by Colleen on 1st Feb 2017

What do you gift your man for Valentine's Day? I know I struggle with this myself every year. My husband and I don't exchange extravagant gifts but we do buy a couple of little for each other to make the other person feel special and celebrate the day. While guys can walk into a local pharmacy and find a myriad of good gift giving ideas for their favorite girl (wife, girlfriend or mom!), us ladies have to struggle for ideas a little bit. Here is a tip....monogrammed handkerchiefs make a great Valentine's Day gift! And I am not just saying this because I own The Handkerchief Shop. There are so many things that you can embroider on a handkerchief....from "I love you" to a favorite song lyric. You can get as sweet or sassy as you want with your personalized message so it is fitting for your new beau or the guy that's been your life forever (dad!). So be creative and check "buy valentine's gifts" off your list early with custom embroidered handkerchiefs.

{Pictured: Grey Line Design w/ personalized message in Bright Pink, Navy & Pink Argyle, Raspberry Gingham}

{Pictured: Pale Grey Line Design w/ personalized message in Red, Grey & Red Argyle}