Happy Tear Tuesday

Posted by Colleen on 12th Aug 2014

In celebration of all those occasions where one needs a Happy Hanky, I've decided to create Happy Tear Tuesday! Much like its popular cousin, Throwback Thursday, everyone and anyone can participate in Happy Tear Tuesday as long as you have a Facebook or Twitter page.

Every Tuesday I will post a video or photo on The Handkerchief Shop blog, Facebook and Twitter where someone is so overcome with joy, emotion or laughter that they can't hold back their tears. I hope that you will join me in sharing some fun, good-natured and hilarious photos and videos of times when you need your Happy Hanky handkerchief.

Still not sure what to post for Happy Tear Tuesday? Here are some ideas:

1. Wedding Moments

2. Laughing So Hard Your Crying

3. The BEST Christmas - maybe mom and dad were the ones that needed the Happy Hanky in this situation!

4. Babies - I know mine make me pull out my Happy Hanky just about everyday!

5. Your Soldier Returning Home

Don't forget to tag them (#HappyTearTuesday #HappyHanky) so we can spread the happiness!

Enjoy our first Happy Tear Tuesday video.....I may be a little late with this one but it's just the sweetest.

He needs a little Happy Hanky!