Giving "Something Blue"  As A Gift

Giving "Something Blue" As A Gift

Posted by Colleen on 28th Oct 2020

I love a good reason to buy something beautiful! Keeping the tradition of making sure the bride has her "something blue" is a great reason to splurge on that pretty little extra. When gifting a something blue, it is also a great time to think about what keepsakes the bride will want to have post-wedding to tuck away in a treasure box as an heirloom or remembrance of her wedding day.

What Is The Something Blue Tradition?

The "something blue" tradition is one that started in the 1890s from the now well known rhyme, "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in your shoe". It refers to the items that a bride should wear or have with her on her wedding day. The items were originally thought to ward off the Evil Eye which was a glare that made the bride infertile. Today, the bride is not afraid of the Evil Eye but continues to wear or carry the mementos to bring her luck for a lifetime of happiness. Even couples that choose to forgo some other wedding traditions opt for sentimental items to have with them and honor the "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" custom. It is also common for a groom to take part in the tradition by having his own good luck charms to wear or have with him on the big day. Specifically the "something blue" charm represents love, purity and fidelity in their marriage.

What Makes A Great Something Blue?

The important thing to remember is that there are no official rules on what makes the perfect something blue. As with any type of gift-giving, you should think about the person you are gifting it to. I think it is a great opportunity to give a personalized gift that is both sentimental and beautiful. Try to incorporate the bride's monogram or wedding date or another element that would be special to her. The Handkerchief Shop offers embroidered handwriting to sew into the bride's dress. The handwriting can be from a loved one who is living or it is also a great way to remember someone who has passed on and is not able to be there with the bride on her special day. We can embroider the writing in a pretty powder blue. In addition to personalized items, I have also seen brides choose to wear blue nail polish, a blue hair accessory and even blue shoes. Something blue can also be sewn into the bride's gown in the form of a message or patch.  

Who Should Give A Something Blue?

Typically the good luck charms come from an immediate family member or close friend of the bride's. If you are thinking about giving a "something blue" but are unsure, ask the bride or someone close to her. Many times these little items can be forgotten until the last minute and are a very welcomed gift.

Have fun creating a special something blue! 

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