Father of the Bride Handkerchiefs

Posted by Colleen on 1st Mar 2018

It is inevitable. Dad is going to cry on your wedding day. I have seen the toughest men try to choke back tears when they see their daughter walk down the aisle. He watches the little girl that used to be able to wrap her whole hand around his one finger, now walk down the aisle as a grown woman. The tears will just come. The handkerchief that the bride gives her father, not only dries those happy reminiscent tears but also serves as a keepsake and reminder that he will always be the first man the bride has ever loved. Father of the Bride handkerchiefs always make me happy when I see them because I know they are being given as a wholehearted symbol of love. Whether you decide to create your own embroidered message or personalize one of The Handkerchief Shop's special poems, the handkerchief is something that your dad will always treasure for years to come. See the Father of the Bride handkerchiefs that I offer or create your own custom handkerchief.