10 Moments When You'll Be Happy You Have A Wedding Handkerchief Handy

Posted by Colleen on 27th Mar 2018

It is inevitable that there will be sentimental moments throughout your wedding day. So when you are thinking of all the essential accessories to have for your big day, a wedding handkerchief should definitely be one of them. It is both practical and a beautiful keepsake from the wedding day. I put together a list of the top ten special tear jerking moments when you will be happy to have remembered a wedding handkerchief. And being that most of these emotional moments will make those important people in your life misty eyed as well, you will be glad that you gifted them one too :o)

10 Moments When You'll Be Happy You Have A Wedding Handkerchief Handy

1. First look at your partner

2. Saying your vows 

3. Standing with your Dad before walking down the aisle

4. Getting ready with your mom or dad and closest friends

5. Father-daughter dance

6. Mother-son dance

7. Toasts (this could be a laughing so hard you cry moment too!) 

8. The car ride over to the ceremony

9. When the bride reads a letter from her groom/ Groom reads a letter from his bride

10. Receiving a handkerchief with a message embroidered on it (I'm not being corny here, this is a tender moment that brings tears every time)


{Photography: Whimsical Imagery by Amber Lee}


{Photography: Danielle Durbin Films}


{Photography: Danielle Durbin Films}