Holiday Handkerchief Gift Guide

Posted by Colleen on 8th Dec 2016

Monogrammed handkerchiefs make great holiday gifts for the guys. Whether it be your honey, your dad, a coach or even your boss, you can select a Hank style for that person and embroider their monogram or a personalized message on it. You can make it as professional (ahem...your boss) or silly (think favorite movie quote) as you like. The best part about gifting a custom made handkerchief is that the recipient knows you took that extra step to personalize it specifically for them. The Handkerchief Shop specializes in unique handkerchief styles that are exclusive to us because we produce them right here in America with fabric and trim sourced from American companies. There are countless embroidery thread and Hank style options to choose from so have fun and be creative. Take a look at some handkerchiefs we've done to help get you inspired. There are more handkerchief samples to take a peek at in our LookBook.