Handkerchief Mouse: Weekly Handkerchief Craft Series

Posted by Colleen on 15th Sep 2015

I can get creative inspiration from almost anywhere and last week I received a call from a customer asking if I knew how to make a jumping handkerchief mouse. In the craziness of the morning, I said I did not, we shared some pleasantries and we both hung up. But several times throughout the day I thought "what is a jumping handkerchief mouse and I think I want to make one!!"

After going on eHow and YouTube, I discovered that making a mouse out of a handkerchief is a fun little craft to do with the kids! You can see our little handkerchief mouse made with a Simply White Hank below. We had so much fun creating the mouse that I was inspired to start a weekly Handkerchief Craft Series

Here are simple written instructions from ehow and a video tutorial from youtube that will help you create your very own handkerchief mouse. Have fun and feel free to post pictures on facebook and tag @TheHandkerchiefShop...we'd love to see some little handkerchief mouse friends!

PS Thank you to the customer who called last week for inspiring The Handkerchief Shop's weekly Handkerchief Craft Series!