Message Ideas

Ideas and message starters for your custom embroidered handkerchiefs  

Wedding Handkerchief Poem Ideas & Starters


Today a bride,

Tomorrow a wife,

Always your daughter and

Best friend for life.


To dry your happy tears

As you have always dried mine.

I love you to the

moon and back


You will always be the

first man I ever loved

and I will always be your little girl.


Of all the walks

we've taken together,

this will be my favorite.

I'll love you today, tomorrow

& forever


Thank you for being at

my side today and always.


Thank you for raising your son/ daughter

to be the man/ woman of my dreams.

Thank you for giving me the

wedding of my dreams

Other Personalized Message Ideas & Starters

A favorite song lyric A favorite movie line


An inside joke



Longitude & latitude of a special place


Date of an important event  A motivational quote


Line from a favorite book


 A word used to describe the person;

examples: determined, passionate, happy

How the person makes you feel

example: you make me happy

Christening Handkerchief Poem Ideas & Starters

All My Love & Blessings


May God bless you

today & always


May angels guide your tiny feet


May God protect you little one

And bless you from above

With everlasting happiness

And brought up with love


A child to enjoy

As a gift from above

To Be Christened with water

And brought up with love

 May you always have a joyful heart

Now that it's your Baptism Day

This brings a special prayer.

That God will always keep you

In the shelter of His care.

 Lord, watch over this child


May your life be blessed

with joy & love.

May angels guide you

from up above.